Coles Christmas 29 Nov – 5 Dec 2023

Browse the new Christmas deals on Coles Catalogue 29 Nov – 5 Dec. You may save big on classic Christmas foods and the catalogue is surely a good guide for what to buy for this festive season. Coles Beechwood smoked half leg ham is a front-page deal and it will cost only $8. Explore deals like Kettle Potato Chips, John West Tuna, Peters Drumsticks that will be ½ price of the week. But more is awaiting you in the catalogue. Check out Coles Christmas 29 Nov – 5 Dec in the catalogue:

Coles Christmas 29 Nov - 5 Dec 2023

Check out Christmas entertaining, cheese variety, dip sauces, crackers, cheese wedges, and many others. The new half-price Christmas treats are featured offers in the catalogue, too. Lindt Lindor, Ferrero Rocher, and other brands that are favourites of people are available in the Christmas sale.

  • Coles Beechwood Smoked half leg ham $8 per kg
  • ½ price Kettle Potato Chips, John West Tuna Tempters, Peters Drumsticks, Cadbury Chocolate Coated Fruit or Nut Jar
  • ½ price Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief, Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen, Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwashing Tablets, Darrell Lea Bullets, Pepsi, Solo, and more

Coles Christmas 29 Nov – 5 Dec – Christmas Foods, Treats, Décor

Christmas hams and turkeys are probably gonna be the most popular foods on the festive tables this week. You can find Coles brand Christmas treats and sweets. I think that’s the most important part of Christmas time. My favourite one is Coles Finest Luxury Belgian Chocolate & Orange Sponge Pudding which is 600g pack and is only $15.50 this week.

  • Half-price Ferrero Rocher, Lindt Cornet, Cadbury Favourites, Toblerone, Cadbury Roses Tin, and more
  • Christmas seafood: raw king prawns, tasmanian salmon portions, marinara mix, and more
  • Christmas hams: free range triple smoked half leg ham, ham on bone quarters, Bertocchi products
  • New at Coles:  Coles Finest products like vanilla meringue wreath, brown sugar & Belgian chocolate Meringues, Christmas crunch, and more
  • Christmas Pavlova: nectarines, Bulla thickened cream, Coles Pavlova deals
  • Christmas gifts & decor products: elf on the shelf boy box set, glass snow globe, mini motsu xmas, and more products
  • Christmas essentials: Novelty Round plate 8 pack, Festive Crackers, Puppy Cards, Gift Wrap Adult or kids, Hallmark Christmas Card, and more
  • Coles Australian Lamb Loin Chops is $18

Grocery Sale – Coles Christmas 29 Nov – 5 Dec

Shop Oreo cream biscuits, Red rock deli chips, and many more items at lower costs. You can save significantly on snacks and essential groceries with this sale this week.

  • ½ price Mr Kipling Cakes, Tip Top English Muffins 6 Pack
  • ½ price Oreo Cream Biscuits, Peckish Fancies Rice, Majans Infuzions, and more
  • ½ price Cottee’s Cordial 1L, Bubly Sparkling Water
  • ½ price Lavazza Oro
  • Cereal deals on pg 22
  • ½ price Plumrose Canned Leg Ham $5.25
  • ½ price The Spice Tailor Indian Curry Kit, Gold Sunset Canola, Veg oil
  • ½ price Golden Wok Szechuan Pork Dumpling, Hong Kong Dim Sim Pork & Chive Dumplings

Frozen foods, dairy products, personal care, and others are also noteworthy deals from this Coles Catalogue 29 Nov – 5 Dec 2023. Receive more deals like Coles Christmas 29 Nov – 5 Dec by subscribing to the newsletter of

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