Coles Christmas Baking October 2019

One of the first Christmas catalogues has been published today. Now, you can browse Coles Christmas baking products, Hallmark collectables, and more products in the catalogue of this retailer. This week’s catalogue promotes festive sweets. Find recipes in the catalogue. Most people redecorate their home before events like Christmas with traditional figures or pop-culture inspirations. If you like to do that, I think these stores might help you find your stuff for a good price. Star Wars movie is coming in December. Buy BB8 or Dart Vader figures for your tabletop decoration. More characters of the pop culture including Disney characters are available on pg 8. Christmas bakery and freezer sale are festive food ideas. You may find necessary ingredients for a fine Christmas dessert there. Consider Coles Christmas baking a part of the journey to the end of this year.
When it’s Spring fun, the food is the most important thing in a gathering. Seafood, deli cheese, and fresh products are elementary parts of them. Coles Catalogue helps you find the best prices of Arnott’s Jatz, Sakata rice crackers, Red Rock Deli dip, and more on pg 12-13.

Available starting on 1st Nov:

Festive food and Christmas products:

Coles Deli, Meat, Pantry

Fresh products are probably the most popular aisles of all supermarkets and catalogues naturally focus on these products. Browse the deli, meat, and grocery sales of the latest Coles Catalogue to see everything about them. Bertocchi products are promotional sales this week. Bertocchi natural hickory smoked ham will cost $21 kg. Cheese variety is something worth seeing on pg 17. Coles Christmas ham is in store according to this catalogue. Pay $9.50/kg for that. Refill your pantry with the deals on olive oil, canned goods, pickles, and more from this store. Some of the products are new items. For example, Coles special burger pickles that will cost $2.50 every day.

Pantry sale :

You can also renew your stocks of coffee buying Nescafe and more brands at lower costs. Breakfast food is a highlighted part of most Coles catalogues. Check out these half prices:

Quick Meal Ideas and Frozen Foods

Ice cream, frozen snacks, quick meals and vegetables that can be ingredients for your dinner ideas are available in the Coles frozen sale. Every week you can use the Coles Catalogue to reach some good prices on these items. This a single page is full of half prices. Ice cream variety of Algida, fish products, and other ready meals are available in the catalogue.

See non-food categories such as personal care, disposable razors, hair care, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, cat and dog supplies, and half-price smartphones on this Coles Catalogue. You can also see the catalogue for 23 – 29 Oct.

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