Coles Christmas Decoration Catalogue 2 – 8 Dec 2015

COLES DECORATION IDEAS FOR CHRISTMASColes Christmas Decoration Catalogue 2 - 8 Dec 2015

New Year’s Eves up ! We are really excited for merry Christmas. Yesterday I saw on social media, everybody preparing for Christmas and sharing their great creative ideas. They are creating peaceful decorations and making something by their selves. Sometime hand crafting could be better than something you bought from supermarket. So, Coles has great offers for crafting items. You can wrap your some items or corners of home with special designed Collection Gift Wrap. This product available in different colors and different motifs. May be you can use as a curtain that papers. Its up to your imagination and creation.

While you are celebrating New Year, reindeer ears will fit everybody for fun. Or you can wear Christmas Hats. Take a funniest Christmas photograph ever you took. For little surprises , there is cute novelty cards and mini cube cards selling with packs. You can write a note and stick on gift pack. Or put under your Christmas Pine Tree with lovely note. Softy plush bear has big hearth. They are always smiling at you for makes you happy. How cute it is ! Also  Singing and dancing pals, walking pals could be great gift. These toys are waiting kids to being their best friend.

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