Coles Christmas Food 13 – 19 Nov 2019

Coles Christmas Food 13 - 19 Nov 2019It’s not a surprise to see a new Christmas sale in the new Coles Catalogue. New half-price deals on festive foods and half leg ham are yours to see on pg 2-3. Prawns and more seafood variety are the things of this catalogue, too. Pay $29/kg of fresh Australian Salmon skin off portions at Coles this week. All the products on pg 2-5 are nice party foods you can see for these prices:

Surely, there are traditional products like turkey, desserts, and so on. But there are also popular snacks that can be considered as treats for all the guests and the entire family. Coles Catalogue is a great source for everyone to find affordable prices. Moreover, they have new recipes like gingerbread spiced muffins. The muffins that integrate and mix all things about Christmas and tradition. You have the catalogue, the recipe, ingredients at lower prices, and possibly all the other things to make that happen. Snack and treat range is also an extensive one.

Coles Pantry, Breakfast, Fresh Food

Get your needs and a Monster edition of PlayStation at Coles supermarket this week. Monster Energy drink 4x500mL or other items of the brand can give you a gaming pack only at Coles. Moreover, you will get 5 PS vouchers. The deal is valid until the first of December. Shop high nutrition food like bars and cereals on pg 15-16. You can also find coffee, tea, and other supplies that should be in the kitchen cabinet.

Shop salami, sausage, meat, and similar groups of products on deli-bakery range of Coles supermarket catalogue today. You can buy Coles Lemon Meringue tart 470g which is a new product at Coles, for only $10 ea.

Dairy and Fridge Food

Coles is cool and cold is cooler than anything and anything you would like to keep cool is a cool thing for sure. I love to shop at Coles supermarkets for these prices are so good. It’s very much possible to find a nice price on Chobani fit protein yoghurt. Laughing cow cheese, Dairy Farmers products, and more are cheaper this week. Enjoy some dip sauces and cheese blocks for the new prices this week. Frozen food is your thing too if you like to save time on cooking and stuff. Get the best prices and quality food products as usual using the latest Coles Catalogue. You can subscribe to the newsletter for free.

Non-food savings and more products are in the catalogues. You should catch the affordable prices of everything you like. Enjoy shopping Coles Christmas Food deals this week.

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