Coles Christmas Gift Card Deal 13 – 19 Nov 2019

Certain gift cards will give you 2000 bonus points when you buy $50 equal to them at Coles supermarkets. Some exclusions do exist. But the brands are Above Hoyts, Good Food, Ultimate for Him, Ticketmaster, or Gourmet Traveller Restaurant. You are gonna have to swipe your card at the checkout. Create an account at Coles today to start collecting flybuys.

Coles has more deals this week for food storage, pet supplies, and chemical cleaning supplies. Visit pg 34-35 for Christmas socks and Hallmark collectables. Christmas decoration around your house and the living room will give the atmosphere a festive theme.

Buy Sistema Klip It food storage products and never throw leftovers away. Just keep your meals and lunch food in these clippable food containers. These items will cost only half on Coles Catalogue and you can browse them on pg 35.

Pet supplies:

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