Coles Christmas Grocery 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2019

Coles Christmas Grocery 27 Nov - 3 Dec 2019

Buy good old classic Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes and stock up while there are nice discounts you can save with. Ferrero Chocolate gift box will cost $6.30, which appears on the first page of the new Coles Christmas Catalogue. Don’t skip more half-price deals on the same part. Coles Catalogue offers Christmas hams with a variety of flavours, styles, meat types, and more. You can also see these if you go to pg 3-4. Surely, there will be a need for sweets. Desserts for your Christmas gatherings and celebration can be a warming bridge between people. Connect them via these bridges but why not save on them? Coles Finest luxury chocolate melting pudding will cost $15 for its 550g. And more is there, too.

Shop seafood and meat at Coles for your festive table this week. They have burgers, prawns, salmon, salads, chips, and similar kinds of party foods. Some may sound unhealthy but definitely delicious. Beef BBQ burgers 10 pack price appears to be $9.50 on pg 5 of this catalogue. Read a new recipe, and shop frozen foods including chicken, fish, and meat on pg 7. You may prefer some of these as side dishes. There is also turkey there. Steggles frozen turkey small buffet 3.4kg will be $34 this week.

Coles Gift Cards and Christmas Trees

In this catalogue, you have a lot of chances to save on Christmas-related products including trees, treats, and gifts. It’s very much possible to encounter a range of gift cards at a 10% cheaper price. Google Play, Hotel Gift Card, and more are available on pg 8. You have the Christmas trees, chocolate boxes, Lindt, and more on pg 9-10. Classic and traditional trees, decoration, baubles, cards, glittering reindeer decor, and more are going to be on sale, too.

Christmas Recipe and Pantry – Grocery Products

Christmas Recipe and Pantry - Grocery Products

See the new range of half prices in pantry category of the Coles Catalogue Christmas grocery sale this week. Rice, pasta sauce, coffee, and more items will cost half this week. Ingredients for your possible meal recipes can also be purchased at Coles supermarket on Wednesday. For the new prices, check out pg 14-15. Curtis Seasoned mince carries long-time friend of Coles, Curtis Stone, and its price is only $7.50. Hams, whole chicken, Italian leaf blend salad, and more products at lower costs.

Tropic fresh fruits like avocados, Australian apricot,s and donuts are available in the bakery-fruit range on pg 16-17. Snacks, chips, treats, and breakfast foods are also an important part of this catalogue.

Coles Breakfast, Fridge Food and Frozen Packaged Ready Foods

You have simplicity in the aisle where you can find breakfast nutrition such as Sultana bran, muesli, canned foods, coffee, and more on pg 22-23. Buy your cheese at a good price at Coles supermarket this week. Subscribe to the email list to get news from these catalogues.

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