Coles Christmas Pudding And Catalogue Deals 6 – 12 Nov

Coles Christmas Pudding And Catalogue Deals 6 – 12 Nov cover pageChristmas is close now. At least its festive days are approaching with awesome deals from catalogues Coles. Cadbury Roses is an example of the selection of Christmas treats that appear in these catalogues. Buy it at half price this week. Coles Christmas chocolate sale is viewable on pg 7. A new recipe is in the content today. Black Forest Pavlova is your dessert in November. Cadbury Bournville cocoa, iced fruit cake, and luxury chocolate melting pudding are in the Christmas catalogue. You can set a delicious table with freezer range that contains festive foods like whole turkey, cheese, rolls, crackers, prawns, salmon portions and so on. Visit pg 11-12 for these deals. Also, a recipe of chocolate tiramisu trifle is readable on the catalogue. Necessary ingredients are in the same part where you can find the recipe. Visit pg 12 for baking chips, white sugar, and more deals.  Coles Christmas trees and decorative products are also available today. Coles Catalogue Christmas sales will resume with more savings.

Cadbury and more chocolates:

Festive foods:

Decoration and Christmas tree:

Coles Fresh Fruit and Veg, Meat, Seafood

Shop fresh at Coles supermarket for leg ham, salmon, beef, and more products of the meat dept. You have a lot of options to save on your favourite products. In Spring, one of the most popular meat products is the Spring lamb. Find cutlets 260g that is only $10 pk on pg 17 of this catalogue. Get practical and tasty at kitchen with simple products you can buy at supermarkets like Coles. Mix and match sale is available on bakery products. That aisle has burger buns, sourdough rolls, mini wraps, and more on sale.

Breakfast Food, Pantry Products and Stock-Up Items

You can find a lot of packaged food for breakfast and that includes cereals, crackers, muesli, etc. Kellogg’s coco pops will cost only $5.50 at Coles. Encounter many of the half prices in the catalogue’s pantry sale today. Make dinner meals for the family with classic pantry products at lower costs. A big sale is a half-price deal on pg 20-21 in the catalogue. Buy Gold sunset oil 4L for $9. Don’t shop on a whim with a big appetite. Plan your day and shopping trip to maximize savings and before visiting any store try to seek deals in these catalogues. It would only be profitable for you being aware of the discounts.

Shop Coles Frozen Food and Ice Cream

The last part of the food section of the Coles Catalogue 6 – 12 Nov 2019 is about frozen foods. See Cadbury products, McCain ready meals, and promoted items of the discount range. You can buy at least 4 items at half the regular cost. Subscribe to Coles Catalogue for more deals.

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