Coles Christmas Pudding Recipe 23 – 29 Oct 2019

If there is one thing Aussie about Christmas, it’s definitely Christmas pudding. We can see Christmas pudding as one of the major subjects in these supermarket catalogues every year. That reflects a culture from the lands of Australia. You can check out the recipe of traditional Christmas pudding on pg 20. Nutella Hazelnut spread, ginger bears, and more products are also on the page where you can read this recipe. Coles Christmas pudding recipe requires several ingredients such as Sunbeam mixed fruits and raisins. No doubt, they work with the brand and promote these products creating a new kind of recipe. That’s a win-win for customer and the supermarket. Sunbeam mixed dried fruit and Queen pure Canadian maple syrup are both ingredients and they are on sale. Now, you can find thousands of recipes for Christmas pudding but Coles’ original recipe gives you the ability to find ingredients easily and for a good price at once.

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Snacks and Beverage Sale

Write down some good deals picked from the snack-drink category of Coles Catalogue 23 – 29 Oct. One of the best parts of this catalogue. Schweppes, Lipton, Red Bull, Powerade, all of them in bulks, are on sale. You can save half on 1L Cocobella coconut water.

½ prices only:

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