Coles Christmas Sale Catalogue 25 – 1 Dec 2015

COLES WISHES SWEETEST CHRISTMAS Coles Christmas Sale Catalogue 25 - 1 Dec 2015

Greatest Christmas is approaching with Coles. In this week, many delicious offers available in shelves and freezers. Let’s start from sweet flavors. Cadbury and Kinder is successful about chocolate and sweets. Cadbury’s Christmas stocking product shape in sock. Kinder Surprise chocolate has new design for Christmas. You can see Santa sitting on a sled. Include one Kinder surprise chocolate inside it. Festive shape biscuits, Christmas canes and Advent calendar at pg 8. Calendars assorted in four different design. Star Wars theme is my favorite as always.

In sweet treats, you will surprise about price. 1/2 price almost all treats. Cadbury favorites tin is full of surprise. Most liked and full of flavor treats in this box. This box in Coles shelves with pretty ribbon style. Also Lindt and Mars has similar box as Cadbury’s. Limited edition chocolate bag and celebration box available in 1/2 price. Lindt Lidor chocolate box could be great gift if you are going somewhere in this Christmas. Eat sweet for sweetest nights. Toblerone means quality of ingredient. Chocolate milk Toblerone’s favorite product. Take two to one price. We never forget, hero of breakfasts : Nutella.  With special recipe, Nutella is indispensable flavor for everybody.

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