Coles Christmas Sale Catalogue 9 -15 Dec 2015

COLES SALES FOR CHRISTMAS Coles Christmas Sale Catalogue 9 -15 2015

Make your Christmas meals by Coles. This week, Coles is not only featuring the best products for you but also the most delicious recipe. Take a look at our recipe, get the key ingredients and impress your family and guests. The recipe of Glazed Christmas Ham with Sweet and Barbecue Sauce is in this catalogue. There are 2 methods to cook it. Try both and enjoy the amazing flavour. If you have different meal plans for Christmas, Coles has more options for you. Check out our range of meat products. We always have the freshest and the finest meat products. As always, discount at many products. A kilogram of Don Melosi Leg Ham is $18 now. Also, Primo Kranky is half price. Do not miss these delicious opportunities.

For delicious breakfasts, anything you need is at Coles. Olive Grave Spread is made from the finest olives. Also you may want to try Devondale Dairy Soft which is made with Devondale Butter. Farmer’s tasty Bega Cheese Blocks and Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese are on sale. If you want to make an amazing pizza, we suggest you to take a look at Perfect Italiano Grated Cheese. Besides these tasty products, you can drink 100% natural juice of Coles. 2 Litres of Nudie Nothing But 100% Juice is at discount. You won’t regret trying this taste. Coles, for the best meals.

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