Sweet Coles Christmas Specials 6 – 12 Dec 2023

Check out Coles Christmas Specials 6 Р12 Dec 2023 today. Buy Christmas ham, confectionery, party foods, Christmas seafood specials, and Coles Finest products at more affordable prices with the help of Coles Catalogue 6 Р12 Dec 2023. Today, you can see all the deals in the preview catalogue. And they also have suggestions for what to cook or bake. A recipe for chocolate caramel tart is available in this catalogue. Some gift ideas also are featured offers it. Enhance your experience  with extra savings you can get using flybuys free products, bonus points. using the app, you will be able to get all of them in a single device.

Coles Christmas Specials 6 - 12 Dec 2023

These are from the first page of Coles Christmas Catalogue:

  • Coles Australian Beechwood Smoked Full Leg Ham $7.75
  • Coles Australian Thawed Cooked Large Black Tiger Prawns $28
  • Coles Pavlova 1 Pack $6
  • Australian Raspberries 170g Punnet $4

Candies, Seafood, Meat, Coles Finest, Ham – Coles Christmas Specials 6 – 12 Dec

Browse your favourite brands of Christmas confectionery. Kids will go crazy for magical Christmas confectionery and chocolate boxes. And they are half-price deals!

  • Mars Maltesers Gift Box 400g $7
  • Mars Celebration Bottle 320g $10
  • Lindt Lindor Gift Box 235g $11
  • Lindt Lindor Limited Edition Round Tin 433g $18
  • Guylian Chocolate Seashells 250g $10.5
  • Darrell Lea Soft Centres Gift Box 255g $7
  • Cadbury Gift Pouch 120g-150g $5
  • Lindt Lindor Bag 121g-125g $6
  • Cadbury Gift Pouch 120g-150g $5

Browse the Coles Catalogue for food that will make your table great for Christmas:

  • Christmas entertaining foods: camembert, cheese platter, prosciutto, smoked salmon and more pg 4-5
    Bertocchi Brothers Half Leg Ham $13
  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Half Leg Ham $8
  • Coles Mustard 200g $2.90
  • Coles Rspca Approved Chicken Southern Fried Popcorn 400g $7.5
  • Coles Sausages 550g $4.5
  • Coles Australian Thawed Msc Raw Banana Prawns $14 pg 9
  • Coles Finest products: buy triple smoked half leg ham for $15
  • Christmas Sweet Treats: Festive Chocolate Drizzle Stars 175g, Christmas Festive Matured Pudding 700g, Candy Cane Flavoured Christmas Tree Meringues 4 Pack, and more

Cadbury has a part in the Coles Catalogue 6 – 12 Dec. Check out delicious chocolate products like Roses, stocking, favourites, and more in their special Christmas boxes.

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Coles Christmas Specials 6 - 12 Dec 2023

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