Coles Cleaning Half-Price Deal 23 – 29 Oct 2019

This is one of the major discounts in the latest Coles Catalogue that is valid for the last week of October 2019. If you are out of stock of some laundry detergent, fabric softener, toilet cleaner, and dishwashing liquid, I want you to know that Coles sells these items for half prices this week. Even though you have the stocks, stock-up now to profit for the upcoming weeks. You won’t need to buy them for their regular prices that way.
Coles Catalogue has food storage products such as Décor match-ups container for half prices. You can lower the cost of mobile expenses like data packs with mobile deals at Coles. 35GB data prepaid SIM is a half-price deal. You can get it for $15. This week there is a 10% discount on gift cards like Spotify, Virgin Australia, RedBalloon,, and more.

Personal care products such as Olay products are also in the range. Pay half for the Olay eyes ultimate eye cream. Find Colgate dental care, Johnson’s baby care products, and more including health care. Blackmores superkids multi gummies 60 pack will cost $7.50.

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