Coles Dettol Half-Price and More Cleaning Supplies

Coles Dettol Half-Price Sale and Cleaning Supplies 20 - 26 Nov 2019Non-food part of the Coles Catalogue has several vital categories of essential products. You can renew the stocks of some household cleaning supplies with the new half-price sale. And one of the things I would like to point is that new products and Coles Dettol half-price deal on 34. In fact, more than that will cost half this week. The product is an environment-friendly cleaning wipe. The point is that they can be dissolved in nature. The common problem of most chemicals produced for the cleaning purposes is this. If you are using something that is not supposed to be in the soil because soil can handle that, but it will take hundreds of years, there is something dangerous for the environment there. Dettol biodegradable plant-based wipes are way better than most things. They can be a little bit more expensive than the regular wipes, however, this week Coles Catalogue offers a half-price deal on that product. Browse these half prices and more cleaning products on pg 34-35.

But not only the cleaning category is on the last part of the Coles Catalogue. You have personal care, baby products, Colgate half-price sale, hair care, bathroom consumables, food container at half price, iTunes gift card, and everyday low prices of many more items. You can subscribe to the newsletter to get more deals like these on your feed or inbox.