Coles Down Down Catalogue Deals 25 Sep – 1 Oct 2019

Shop down down deals by Coles this week. Products like English muffins, crumpet rounds, and soft wraps for a nice breakfast are what you can find in this down down catalogue sale. One of the prices that have been lowered for a time now, is the whole chicken on pg 3. Pay $3.90 per kg of that chicken. One of the interesting deals is mix ‘n match sale for the Footy Finals. Coles Catalogue has beverage, snacks, party food, and game snacks on pg 5-7. Find these entertaining food variety consisting of products like cheeseburger pizza, brewed drinks, etc. You may really build up a great list of fun foods including Aussie snacks.

Coles Snack Sale 25 Sep – 1 Oct

Plenty of new half-price deals are available in the snacks. Also, all of the products are classic snacks including Jack Links, Lindt, Cadbury favourites, Maltesers, and more Aussie snacks. Buy Toblerone chocolate 700g for only $10. While making a list for these classic snacks, don’t forget to discover thins like new flavours of Pepsi Max. See the catalogue for creaming soda flavour of Pepsi with no sugar. Always prefer no-sugar drinks. Sugar is a really dangerous substance of the modern world.

Half-price deals from snacks:

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