Coles Easter Sale 1 – 7 Apr 2020 | Latest Catalogue

Coles Easter Sale 1 - 7 Apr 2020 | Latest CatalogueThe new catalogue has been published today. It notifies customers about the changing trading hours, new limits, and new deals. We can be happier because they have 34 pages full of deals, recipes, new products and new seasonal fruits. The beginning of the new Coles Catalogue has a new recipe for roast chicken with mushroom gravy which you may read on pg 2. A simple recipe for a delicious meal. But you can find way more recipes than that. Gluten-free products, pasta bake, chicken, rice bowl, and more recipes are available on pg 3. Coles has the most beautiful fruits like Aussie pears, rockmelon, and Easter bakery products on pg 4-5. Celebrate the Easter with some delicious hot fruit cross buns of 6 pack for only $3.50 at Coles supermarket. Coles Easter Sale is not only about cakes and tarts.

You will find a nice Easter entertainment sale and Easter chocolates on pg 6-7. Coles has medium bags, bunnies, colouring books, and more products on the new catalogue. Buy Cleo patchfoot bunny for only $10 ea. Easter chocolate variety including Cadbury and Easter chocolate bunny products are viewable on pg 7. They have Ferrero Rocher and Lindt, too.

Easter chocolate:

Coles Grocery Sale 1 – 7 April 2020

Coles Easter Sale 1 - 7 Apr 2020 | Latest CatalogueFind Coles deli sale consisting of the best ham, salami, and similar products. A very enjoyable food range for parties. However, make your parties only for the core family, not for friends who you don’t live with. You should see the entire product range of Coles Catalogue for good deals today. KB’s Prawn vegetable gyoza 750g pack will cost only $13.60.

Fresh and delicious seafood products like prawns, shrimps, smoked salmon, skin on portions, and more products are going to be available at Coles supermarkets for the prices on pg 11. Seafood for Lent is still a big part of the weekly specials. Shop dairy and fridge food including yoghurt and more dairy products that are good for your health.

Special Lindt Easter Chocolate from Coles Catalogue

Lindt has an exclusive and beautiful chocolate bunny range for the Easter at Coles this week. Browse them through Coles Easter Sale on this catalogue. You can make a difference and celebrate the tradition with one of the best chocolates of the world.

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