Coles Everyday Specials Catalogue 30 – 5 Jan 2016

COLES EVERYDAY PERFECT Coles Everyday Specials Catalogue 30 - 5 Jan 2016

Coles great prices is always available but some products are special. For these special products, Coles has another opportunity : EVERY DAY ! With every day price you can buy that products cheaper than any time. In main page as you can see, Bread rolls on discount now. Just $0.33 per roll. Baked soft white, whole meal, multigrain, hot dog, hamburger, Vietnamese or tiger selections. Australian made coles bakery products are very delicious. Also you can find perfect block bread, bacon and cheese rolls, banana bread and regular toast bread daily. They are always fresh and full of flavor. If you in rush, instant noodles are perfect choice. Include chicken. Masterfoods brand has good offer for you, Cheese finishing sauce is perfect with $2. Also you can prefer Coles dressings sauce. Besides, you can choose more delicious product, Pizza ! Coles pizza every day lower price as you wish. Full your self with perfect price. $3.50

Red and pink salmon also lower price now. You can save more than $1 ea. Coles gives you delicious and healthy food secret. Squeaky gate extra virgin olive and Moro extra olive on sale now with great advantages. Moro Extra is now $26. It was almost $32. Do not miss this opportunity.

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