Coles Food Container Half-Price Sale October

Solve your problems with storing food or leftovers with practical products like Coles food container products. Plastic and durable products available in various capacities are half-price deals of the week. I think these are one of the most important non-food half-price deals of the third week of October. Considering more important events and Christmas are approaching, I think you might need some food containers for parties, events, guests, and every other occasion where you need to store your food. The biggest food container there has 4L capacity. Buy it for $5 which is half the regular cost. You should absolutely see that page.

Coles Health and Personal Care Products

The sale has not been launched yet but you can preview the deals on some personal care items such as dental care. Sensodyne toothpaste, Colgate toothbrush, and baby care prices are viewable on pg 30. This week you can browse half prices on hair care, too. Palmolive luminous oils shampoo or conditioner will cost $2.50.

½ prices from this category:

A greater range of half-price deals are possible to see on Nivea brand products. Learn their prices on pg 32-33. Moisturizing products, skin-care and more are available there. Also, household supplies including popular brand dishwashing liquids are half prices. You can really save something on the essentials.

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