Coles Footy Finals Catalogue Snacks 11 – 17 Sep 2019

You can use this Coles Catalogue to save on your favourite game snacks for footy finals. Although consuming much of junk food is unhealthy it’s one hell of entertainment while watching TV or footy games. Chips, candies, and Lindt chocolates will cost half this week at Coles supermarket. Stock up some entertaining foods like kebabs, pizza, chicken breast fingers, and Pepsi max on pg 2-3. You may encounter down down deals on that part of the catalogue. Coles Footy Finals Catalogue Snacks are popular beverage deals like Pepsi Max, V Energy drink, Powerade, and more. A new flavour of Cottee’s cordial 1L bottle (40% fruit juice) will cost $2.50 on that page. Boost your savings to the maximum with the half-price snack sale in Coles Footy Finals Catalogue.
Footy finals require packs of soft beverage if you like to drink some while your favourite game is on the air. Buy Coca-Cola 24x375mL pack for $18.15 to save $13.55 at Coles stores this week.

Coles half-price footy finals snack sale:

Coles Footy Finals snacks are just one good example of this week’s grocery and snack sales. Watch your games with favourite snacks, beverage, and what you like from supermarkets like Coles and save. Pizza is the best thing to have when you have an occasion as such. Buy McCain ultra-thin pizza, Frankfurts, and more on pg 2-3. Frozen food is a practical idea when you have games or stuff.

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