Coles Footy Finals Snack Sale 18 – 24 Sep Catalogue 2019

You may be missing Sunnyboy, Biskits, Yogo, and Doritos 3D that are now impossible to find unless somebody perfectly collected and protected them. They are only memories now but Coles footy finals have still great snack brands. Besides, I don’t know 20 years ago if they got so many half prices. Starburst, Maltesers, Skittles, Mars, Infuzions, and more products are half-price deals this week. Footy Finals time is when you can eat as many unhealthy but delicious foods as you want. This is the time to enjoy life at maximum. Besides, you cannot miss out these awesome Coles prices on your favourite party food and snacks. Buy coke, natural steak, beef, and chips on pg 4-5. Don skinless footy Franks will cost $4!

Classic Aussie snacks like Cheezels and globally beloved candies are available on Coles Catalogue. Footy finals selection of snacks consisting of top brands with half prices is possible to find on pg 6&7. Buy belVita breakfast biscuits, peckish, KitKat, and more products on these pages.

Party food and more snacks at half prices:

Did you know that once in 3000 years ago, chocolate was like a currency and it was a drink essentially? Rodolphe Lindt invented a technique to make the chocolate what it is today. At the time it was a bitter drink. Some medical papers suggest that chocolate makes you smarter. If you want to eat more chocolate in September you can also pay cheaper prices for the premium quality of it. Buy candies and chocolates on Coles Catalogue this week.

Also, belVita breakfast biscuits will cost half, too. More products of Coles Footy Finals snack sale are available on pg 8-9. Visit pg 9 to see popular beverage products such as Powerade, Gatorade, Coca-Cola, Monster, and more. Red Bull Energy drink 8x250mL will cost $15 every day.

In modern times, healthy food and high-quality content of it is really important. The Internet made all consumers savvy individuals and companies now make more protein-rich products even for snacks. New products are frequently available in supermarkets like Coles. Peg plant protein superberry & almond bar is one example as a new item on Coles Catalogue. Pay half for that this week. Check out more deals in the catalogue.

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