Coles Frozen Food Catalogue 3 – 9 Feb 2016

COLES BEST AT FROZEN FOODS Coles Frozen Food Catalogue 3 - 9 Feb 2016

Coles products are perfect for who do not have time prepare something. Prices at almost whole products from half price. Do not miss this great opportunity. Stay at Coles, stay full always with great pricing policy. Coles always thinking you you can understand this from prices. Check entertainer Pack of Ho Mai Yum Cha. While Chine celebrating new year, their products also discounted at our country too. Celebrate together with Chinese. Delicious entertainer pack include perfect 56 piece of food. Just heat and serve. This unique flavor awaiting you at freezer. Frozen products are just perfect and half price now.

Check other yum cha products at Coles. Ginger prawn dumpling looks perfect with price. Only $5 and Authentic Asia prawn wonton soup with green choy sum ! Healthy foods on sale in Coles now for this week. Coles scallops roe on 300g exclusive to Coles for sure. Try this different tastes. Coles thai style pranw pastry cones, spinach and cheese twirls 8 pack, mini beef dim sims 15 pack and more opportunity discounted perfectly just for you ! Try Coles newest flavors with every day discounted price. Enjoy with glorious flavors by Coles with your family !

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