Coles Game Snacks Catalogue Range October 2019

Shop chips, chocolate bars, candies, gums, soda, energy drinks, and some cereals at half prices with Coles Catalogue. This week’s one of the important deals are the snacks. Uncle Tobys Le Snak will cost half. In modern days, people are willing to be fit and healthy like never before. One of the main food types you should consume when you need that is the high protein foods like Nice & Natural protein nut bars priced at $3.80 at Coles. Protein is harder to digest and whatever that increases your blood sugar quickly makes you fatter on your belly. That’s ugly. Noboby likes to have some belly fat. Try to eat more fiber-containing breakfast foods instead of sugary products. Kellogg’s products are great alternatives to donuts or similar bakery products in the morning. An omelet of your choice is always better. Just don’t make it too greasy. Coles knows about the stuff and they provide low GI products like high fibre low GI loaf on pg 8.

One of the best drinks to have in Australia is Gatorade. Coles offers a half-price deal on that product and have even more deals:

Soda and more drinks:

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