Coles Good Snack Catalogue 17 – 23 Feb 2016

PERFECT SNACKS BY COLESColes Good Snack Catalogue 17 - 23 Feb 2016

Be ready to great snacking experience. Coles offers on now until 23Feb. So you can buy a lot of snacks until the date. For great snacking experience visit Coles store and check all products. In this catalogue you gonna find products which is discounted perfectly and almost half priced. From chocolate to energy drink all varieties on sale just for you. Snacking is most having fun time in our daily routine. While watching TV or studying we are eating snacks. Coles now this and they have great offer for you. As you know Cadbury is one of the best brand who is producing greatest chocolates in block ! Dairy milk series amazing. Salted caramel chocolate block or family block awaiting you right now from $7. Its half priced !

Also you can find other varieties of snacks. Tim Tam value pack looks great. You will feel real chocolate taste now. And Doritos corn chips, french fries or jumpy’s snacks any 2 for only $5. Do you need more energy ? Gatorade will handle it ! Gatorade sports drinks on sale for 2 week from $2. Do not miss this advantage ! Also Lipton Ice Tea, Bick ford cordial varieties on sale too !

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