Coles Good Snacks Catalogue 27 – 2 Feb 2016

GOOD SNACKS AT COLES Coles Good Snacks Catalogue 27 - 2 Feb 2016

Coles representing you best snacks in this catalogue at page two. Any period of day we are eating snacks always. Sometimes at office or home we are stocking them somewhere. Now you have one more reason to buy snacks. Coles products are on sale this week for half price. Keep eating good snacks by Coles. This incredible discounts available until 2 Feb. Check our newest catalogue of Coles for whole discounts and opportunities. As you know at every catalogue you can see perfect Cadbury snacks, sweets and crackers or mini bars. But this time Cadbury favorites gift box from half price and its just $9.50. Inside it you can find all kind sweet and chocolate. It would be good gift for your home. Also Cadbury’s creme egg, caramello or mini egss varieties just 85c ea. Catch this perfect taste with Coles.

Just imagine thinly sliced potatoes made by great and natural potatoes which potato chip is perfect about salt balance and crispy enough. Thins and Natural Sea Salt potato chips on discount this week. 2 for $5. Also there is another opportunity by Nestle. Kit kat milk chocolate block just $3. ea. Enjoy with Coles flavors and do not miss opportunities !

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