Coles Grocery, Catalogue Sale 7 – 13 Aug 2019

Find essentials of weekly food needs in the pantry section of Coles grocery in the 7 – 13 Aug catalogue. You can win Coles Little Shop 2 limited edition complete case with some products. Campbell’s Real Stock is one of these participating items. Coles created a range of canned goods for the pantry sale. See Dolmio pasta sauces, packaged spices and sauces, and the ingredients for your meals. Sirena Tuna 185g can is $3.30 and you can save $1 on that item. Boost your energy in the mornings with healthy foods. Grain bars and cereals with whole grains are perfect nutritions for this. You can buy Uncle Tobys plus for $5. Similar products and nutritional shakes are available on pg 13. Coles Catalogue has a grocery and frozen food range for you this week.

New At Coles and Fridge Food

Use this Coles Catalogue to discover new products from the grocery sale. You can encounter the new product range before the fridge sale. If you want to try a new coffee type, check out this part of the catalogue. There are also dairy products like Dare flavoured milk in the fridge sale. Find cheese blocks, Greek Yoghurt, and collector’s case participating items on pg 18-19. Imagine you have a complete set in that case. That would be one of the rarest things.

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