Coles Grocery Products Catalogue Sale 25 Sep 2019

Shop some new products on this week’s Coles Catalogue. The new list of products includes some Lean Cuisine and Magnum products. I&J salmon portions skin on costs $14 at Coles starting on Wednesday according to this catalogue. Steggles chicken variety will be half price deal. Yoghurt is one of the easiest foods that can be a protein source for your muscle structure. A variety of yoghurt consisting of brands like Chobani, Tamar Valley, Gippsland, Bega, and more are available on Coles Catalogue. Buy Gippsland twist yoghurt for $2 this week. President Camembert 200g will cost half starting on Wednesday. Cheese lovers can find some decent product range in this category.

Half-price deals with these categories:

The pantry category has also some important half-price products this week. Buy Cadbury baking chips and many more in this part of the catalogue.

Coles Pantry Products and Half-Price Sale

Keeping some practical foods in your pantry cabinets would not be a bad idea. Save time and money with consistent discounts every week at Coles. For example, you can save $2 on Kellogg’s coco pops and LCM’s this week. Similarly, more breakfast cereals like Be Natural, Uncle Tobys oats are also available in this breakfast section of the pantry. Oatmeal is a high-fibre and healthy food for breakfast. Buy this coffee, breakfast food, and other pantry items:

Coles Fresh Food Deals Sep 25

You can easily find the fresh products of Australian farms in all Coles Catalogues. Smoked salmon, prawns, sliced meat, tomato basil, and more products are possible to buy on this Coles Catalogue this week. Red Royale potatoes is one of the best products there. Buy tomatoes for $3.90/kg. this week at Coles supermarket. If there is a chance that you will make an Aussie traditional food today, the seafood aisle gains importance. Also, see the meat deals consisting of no-added hormones meat products. Coles Australian lamb butterflied leg with rosemary & garlic will cost $20 kg.

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