Coles Grocery Sale Catalogue 21 – 27 Aug 2019

Breakfast and pantry products are available for half prices starting on Wednesday at Coles stores. Browse this Coles catalogue to discover new items of these aisles or renew the stocks of your favourite brands for your breakfasts and dinners. Buy olive oil, Continental products, Dolmio pasta sauce, and more items at half prices. If you like frozen meals (TV dinners), check out the deals on packaged foods for your lunch or dinner. Woolworths “fridge” sale of this catalogue also contains dairy items like yoghurts and I recommend you to see Activia price on pg 15. If you are looking for vegan products there are alternatives for you in the fridge food range of Coles. Also, see pizza variety with Ham, BBQ, Chicken Parma, and BBQ chicken.

These are half-price deals:

Coles Seafood, Fresh Produce, Meat and More 21 – 27 Aug Sale

Browse these categories to witness a nice price drop in all items. It’s certain that you can buy these at lower prices than their regular values. A new product, John West Atlantic smoked salmon, is gonna cost $8. Buy that product to save $1.90. Deli&Fridge sale covers delicious meat products and in the fresh food range, you can buy pink lady apples. If you are looking for foods to pack your lunch, I recommend you to see Coles Catalogue bakery-deli sale. It’s possible to prepare some healthy and delicious foods with brown bread and some cheese.

Check out these savings on Coles Catalogue:

Coles Freezer Sale 21 – 27 Aug

Buy an ice cream and frozen foods for your stocks on Coles Catalogue. McCain, Pacific West frozen squid, Peters original, Haagen-Dazs, and more frozen food or ice cream variety are available in this part. Lean Cuisine steam meals will cost $4.50. Save $2.30 on it.

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