Coles Grocery Sale Catalogue Deals 14 – 20 Aug 2019

Shop classic products like Nestlé Milo, Bega peanut butter, SPC diced fruit, Arnott’s Marie biscuits, and more in grocery range of Coles Catalogue. One of the most appealing discounts are the half-price deals of pantry items like extra virgin olive oil. Cadbury real baking chips, Lavazza espresso, and more on pg 9. Restock your nutritional items like vegan protein, and buy a Father’s Day gift such as coffee capsule machine for affordable prices at Coles. A special coffee&tea category is in this Coles Catalogue for lower prices. L’OR Barista double coffee capsules 10 pack is a new product priced at $8. Also, notice the participating items to the complete case deal. You can win a Little Shop 2 minis complete case with the purchases of participating items. Pay half for Spam Ham teriyaki and save $2.45 on Wednesday. Remember you can collect 1 mini for every $30 spent on these products. Buy Edgell corn kernels to get a chance to win a limited edition complete case. Save $.50 on the product.

Check out half-price deals by the latest Coles Catalogue:

Shop fresh produce, seafood, fresh meat, dairy products, cheese variety and many more categories in this Coles Catalogue.

You can make dinner easily with packaged foods and save time and money at Coles supermarket.

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