Coles Half-Price Cleaning Supplies 13 – 19 Nov 2019

Coles Half-Price Cleaning SuppliesThe half-price sale is a juicy opportunity for anyone who likes to save. Obviously, you can frequently encounter these ½ prices on the Coles Catalogues. Therefore following these prices on the catalogues is not filling your inbox with junk it’s, in fact, a proper way to look for the ways to keep your money in your pocket. Besides, Coles has a new half-price deal for 13-19 November. Cleaning supplies are not the only products which will cost half. Deodorants, skincare creams, Rexona products, and new items of the beauty-body category of Coles Catalogue are also half prices. Buy Sukin shampoo or conditioner 500mL for $7.50. Rexona roll-ons will also cost half this week. Some of the similar deals appear on baby care, too. Popular brands including S-26, Rascal & Friends, Blackmores and more are available on pg 30. Nothing seems to be extra in the half-price cleaning range which means all items are the essentials we usually keep at houses.

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