Coles Half-Price Hair Care 29 Apr – 5 May 2020

People have a hard time while barbers and hairdressers are closed. But you might not need a professional for a while. Coles Half-Price Hair Care 29 Apr - 5 May 2020Take care of your own hair, watch some how-to videos on Youtube, and apply some hair care products to keep it nice and soft. In Coles Catalogue, you can find Dove shampoo, moisturisers, and also facial or skincare products. Most of them are Coles half-price haircare deals. Some items of Coles Half-Price Hair Care 29 Apr:

Get a card from Coles Credit Cards. All low credit cards are alike now. Check out details on pg 24. Coles half-price hair care 29 Apr – 5 May is not the only deal to find on the Coles Catalogue. It has hair colours, half-price Pantene haircare, deodorants, body lotions, and makeup products, too. Keep your skin moisturized and soft during your time at home. Australia is reopening party by part. Today, some beaches are opened and home visits are allowed when you don’t exceed two people. Recently, only one case has been recorded. It seems like Aussies do really fine in this challenge. Read regularly about Coles Covid-19 updates to hear from what’s going on.

These are nice Mother’s Day gifts, too. If you haven’t bought something yet, you might want to check out the beauty products range of the new Coles Catalogue. Follow our social accounts to get more savings.

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