Coles Half Price Products 6 Oct 2015

Check out details of half price products of Coles Catalogue you can see with your browser. Coles Half Price Products 6 Oct 2015From candy varieties to deli products there are plenty of half price products at Coles. The whole product range on pg 3 are half price products. These are chocolates, candies, snacks and appetizers.

Coles Catalogues offer you one of the best product selections of supermarket food. Every week you can shop this type of products for half prices. Woolworths and ALDI have got also grocery products. Today IGA must have a new catalogue as well.
See pantry products on the latest catalogue on pg 7. Some of these are also half price products:

Recipe of tandoori lamb cutlets with pilaf and pea. See a quick and simple recipe of this meal to have the best night with your family this week. Also see Colesfresh products like meat products, deli products:

Pineapples $2.80
Oliving Twiggy sticks HALF PRICE $15
Lemnos Fetta $10 kg
Australian beef fillet steak $34

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