Coles Half Price Sale Cleaning Supplies Catalogue 14 – 20 Aug 2019

Shop your non-food needs at Coles at half prices this week. Personal care items, cleaning chemicals, exclusive deals, and more are available in this Coles Catalogue. KOi Antibacterial alcohol-free spray of 50mL will cost $3.75. Bar soap of the same brand is also on sale this week. Cold Power, Fairy, Pine O Clean, and more household products are possible to purchase at half prices at Coles stores. Three of these are new at Coles. For example, the cost of Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid will be $3.75 until 20 Aug. Some products may get you a limited edition complete case. Buy one of the three products that are participating in that sale. Kleenex facial tissue aloe vera, Kleenex double length, and Viva Paper towel are available on pg 34. Find pet supplies, Scmackos Strapz dog treats, MyDog dog food, and more items are available in this part of the latest Coles Catalogue.

Mobile products on Coles Catalogue:

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