Coles Half-Price Snacks 1 – 7 Jan 2020

Coles Half-Price Snacks 1 - 7 Jan 2020The snack offers of the latest Coles Catalogue can be viewed on pg 2-5. Celebrate New Year with the snacks and refill your stocks with the deals by Coles Catalogue this week. belVita, John West tuna, and more products are half-price deals on the first but there are more Coles half-price snacks on this catalogue. Classic snacks have been highlighted in this content. For example, Smith’s Thins, Jumpy’s are what you may find interesting. Kettle potato chips will cost only $3.50. If you like to have a list of snacks at home, I think some essentials here might be interesting for you. I am not a huge fan of snacks but I usually try to buy some fiber-rich breakfast biscuits whenever I need some snacks. I never eat candy. Protein-rich chocolates or peanut-containing chocolate bars are my favorite things. You can find similar things at Coles this week.

Moreover, the beverage sale is interesting in the Coles Catalogue. Shop some coke, Sprite, Fanta, Kirks, and Schweppes using this catalogue. You can buy Schweppes or Pepsi Max soft drink at 2 for $8. Check out these Coles half-price snacks on 1 – 7 Jan:

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