Coles Halloween and Snack Sale 16 – 22 Oct 2019

Various snacks are on sale this week at Coles. Start browsing on the first page where you can find Red Rock Deli chips for half price. The catalogue is also a good source of deals on so many grocery and pantry products. Easy meals are promoted items. And new recipes are in it. Coles Halloween sale is in the catalogue. Trick or treat candies will fill buckets of kids. You don’t need to celebrate Halloween to like this sale. For it has the great brands of candies and chocolates like Snickes, Skittles, Freddo and more. They are half-price deals.
Visit pg 16&17 for some premium quality snack sale. Red Rock Deli deluxe potato chips, deli nuts, and more will cost half this week. Start shopping on Wednesday to buy these items for the catalogue prices. Sakata Rice crackers will be a $.50 saving. Buy it for $1.50. All these would be better with some proper soda of your choice. Some of the popular brands of soda packs are also on sale at Coles supermarket this week. Buy Red Bull and Gatorade at cheaper prices. Gatorade is a half-price deal. You can subscribe to Coles Catalogue and get notifications or emails about such deals.

Coles Halloween and snack sale:

Half-price snacks:

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