Coles Halloween Sale 23 – 29 Oct 2019

In Australia, Halloween is not as popular as it is in the USA. But you don’t have to be a Halloween enthusiast to see these savings. At least I think that way because there are a lot of my favourite brands of chocolates and candies in this catalogue. Plenty of them will cost only half. Thins potato chips and Cadbury favourites are two of the popular products on the cover page. I would buy them at half prices whenever I catch the deal. Coles Halloween sale has some bakery goods for parties. If you visit pg 2-3 you can easily spot some nice deals on donuts, vampire fancies, pumpkin pie yoghurt, and more items. Ferrero Rocher diamond gift box is a great product priced half this week. In this catalogue, the Aussie way of Halloween is being precisely demonstrated. Jack O Lantern, Haning reaper, and more symbolic decoration for your home might be interesting deals. Visit pg 1-7 to see Coles Halloween sale.

Coles Simple Meal Recipes and Fresh Sale

Everybody wants to save time from daily activities. Cooking is one of the necessities but usually working people tend to quickly handle that problem. It can be really time-consuming. I know that there are millions of simple recipes online but if you are already a customer of Coles, you should know that these recipes require ingredients that are already available and on sale at Coles stores. You may also find a fine selection of fruits and veg on pg 10-11.

Muffins and half prices:

Fridge Food, Spring Lamb and Fish Deals

When you explore frozen food and packaged simple meal range, you may encounter some interesting foods like cheeseburger pizza. In the fridge range, you can buy Bolognese bake for $10. Coles Catalogue has the new season Spring lamb and more meat products on pg 15. Lunch and dinner ideas by Coles consist of Primo sliced meat variety and seafood products on pg 16-17. A considerable amount of savings are available there. Dairy products including yoghurt, flavoured milk, protein-rich products are on sale this week.

Shop Breakfast and Frozen Food This Week

Fibre-rich foods and breakfast bars are excellent quick breakfast foods. Just a glass of milk and cereals would jump-start me until I am hungry again afternoon. Check out Coles breakfast sale on pg 25 that contains new half-price deals. While you are shopping already, I suggest it’s only profitable for you to see the pantry products and stock-up items such as olive oil. Consider buying pantry products when they are on sale. Bulky buys are usually said to be more budget-friendly supermarket shopping.

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