Coles Halloween Sale 25 – 31 Oct 2023

Coles offers quite a few deals on trick-or-treat candies. Spooky Halloween theme of these products might help you experience one of the fun days of this year. There are half-price items. Cadbury Sharepacks, Maltesers, Kinder Mini’s, and many others are available on the first page. The catalogue has items from the essential grocery and household in the half-price range, too. CC’s, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Biozet Attack, Morning Fresh, and more brands of grocery products will cost half this week. The best things you can buy are not the candies in my opinion. Save on servingware of Halloween theme, too. Check out Coles Halloween Sale 25 – 31 Oct today:

Coles Halloween Sale 25 - 31 Oct 2023

½ price deals from Coles Halloween Sale 25 – 31 Oct:

  • Cadbury Sharepacks 144g-180g $2.50
  • Nestlè Nestlé Chocolate Fun Pack 127g-158g $2.75
  • Kinder Mini’s 97g-120g $3
  • Arnott’s Tim Tam Biscuits 165g-200g $2.25
  • Cadbury Chocolate Coated Fruit 190g-340g $5
  • Ben & jerry’s Ice Cream Tub 436ml-458ml $7.25
  • Oreo Multipack Mini Biscuits 204g $2.50

Also, check out these special offers for Halloween in the Coles Catalogue 25 – 31, 2023:

  • Cadbury Sharepacks 144g-180g $2.50
  • Cadbury Favourites Big Share 820g $16
  • The Natural Confectionery Co 180g-230g $2
  • Coles Halloween Bleeding Roses 294g $5 pg 8
  • Coles Halloween 3d Gummy Eyeballs 350g $5
  • Coles Halloween Australia’s Deadliest Animals Sour Gummies 440g $5
  • Coles Halloween Gummy Body Parts 350g $5
  • Halloween Serviettes 25 Pack $10
  • Halloween Spider Headband $5
  • Halloween Pumpkin Pail $2.50
  • Led Spinning Wand $8.50
  • Coles Glow Sticks 15 Pack $2.60

Pumpkin deals from Coles Halloween Sale:

  • Australian Mini Jack Pumpkin $3
  • Australian Jack O Lantern Pumpkin $3.50
  • Australian Top On Pineapple $5.50
  • Australian Zombie Mandarins 700g Pack $2.90

Pay only $5 for 500g Hawaiian or pepperoni pizza, stuffed potato mashies, beef brisket patties, and more products in one of the Halloween sub categories in the new Coles Catalogue.

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