Coles Healthy Deli Catalogue 23 – 29 Dec 2015

HEALTHY DELI BY COLES Coles Healthy Deli Catalogue 23 - 29 Dec 2015

In this catalogue Coles representing fresh and Australian made products. These products are very healthy and true choice for great dinners. You will like it their tastes because flavor is Coles’ profession. With delicious sauce, you can find large deli platters for enjoyable times. This is really cool promotion but it has deadline. Until fifth of Jan. you have to order before 48 hours. From Deli team you can order this awesome deli platters. And this product on sale with great discount. Just $28 with $7 save. Enjoy the meal !

Otherwise if you want something for real dinner, you must try Primo products. Primo virginian leg ham is complately perfect flavor ! I recommend this product for dinners actually even for breakfast it could be perfect inside toast bread. Lets try it one time and you wont leave it anymore ! Feta is most seller nowadays, its from deli and this week is second week on sale. Also great flavor maple bacon is on sale with amazing price. You can buy with seperately its up to your family members. Hungarian salami is on sale too. $20kg . Maple bacon is Sow stall free and fresh. 1.30 per 100g. Good offer by Coles.

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