Coles Healthy Food Catalogue 17 – 23 Feb 2016

HEALTHY LIFE WITH COLES Coles Healthy Food Catalogue 17 - 23 Feb 2016

Coles has new offers about health food. You can find natures miracles for good price. They are all fresh and tasty cause they are Australian Grown ! Feel real tomatoes and beeroots flavor immediately. You can prepare amazing dinners for everyone. Also there is good offer awaiting you. If you do not have time or do you wanna be healthier than before, you can buy Coles Australian Mixed seedless grapes for $5.90 now. These fruited are boxed for you. At school or office you can eat all of it ! Its quick and tasty solution for you. Also check out our opportunities. Baby broccoli look great and it will make glorious your salads or vegetable foods. Medlex Mix Tomatoes on top in this page. Australian grown medley tomatoes for $4.50. You can find this tasty harvest at Coles fresh rayon.

We have some guests, kiwifruit from Italy and Mandarins from USA / Spain. Thanks to nature for these miracles. They are still fresh. If you feel hungry at nights, do not eat snacks anymore. With good price, you can eat mandarin or kiwifruit all night ! They are full of health. For $3.50. Enjoy with Coles this week !

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