Coles Healthy Food Catalogue 6 – 12 Jan 2016

HEALTHY LIFE BY COLES Coles Healthy Food Catalogue 6 - 12 Jan 2016

Healthy food is important for being healthy people. Nowadays in stores, you can find many not healthy products. Our childs even reach that products easily. Coles has special offer for you about this topic. Just check from catalogue and buy from store. For sure at store, you can find more product on sale. For example, chunk style tuna fish is delicious also good for health. According to researchers, a regular people must have to eat fish every week one time. More protein, nature valley crunchy bars is good choice. With honey taste, you will like it a lot. Here is perfect dinner oil, La Espanola bran oil. Make awesome dinner for your family. If you want to try different flavor, extra virgin olive oil seems perfect choice. Its just $9 now.

Fruits and vegs on sale too. Pink lady apples from $3.50. All of them Australian Grown. They are fresh as you understand from their shining. Pineapple time is came, lets try Coles’ fresh pineapples. Its good for health. For sure we can forget oranges, Navel oranges came from USA. They came from far away but they are still fresh and full of flavor.

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