Coles Healthy Foods Catalogue 23 – 29 Dec 2015

HEALTHY FOOD BY COLES Coles Healthy Food Catalogue 23 - 29 Dec 2015

For this catalogue today is last day to buy discounted prices. Who know may be they will be continue after this week but its good that you know healthy foods in Coles. About healthy foods, Australian seafood category is first place. You can see raw ocean tiger pranws thawed and rock lobster thawed. They are mine favorite foods in this category. You can make them for glorious dinner. It would be perfect for your family members. Also as i told you before, Coles deli varieties is huge. In this wide variety you can choose your flavors to feed your family. Delis are delicious way to get protein and vitamin. You can order your special deli platter from deli team in Coles.

Australian grown products are shinning like a shine in coles fresh rayon. You can chose fresh nectarines, bunches, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with great prices. Lets buy some cherry tomatoes for great breakfasts. For breakfasts there is a lot of products on sale. Australian free range eggs selling with discounted prices. Lower price always in Coles. Again for breakfasts and snack time, Coles fruit drinks with can, every day good price. You can buy 6×250 ml of juice with $2.

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