Coles Ice Cream Catalogue 12 Jan 2016

COLES ICE CREAM FESTIVE Coles Ice Cream Catalogue 12 Jan 2016

Coles offer our guest special discounts and amazing products with high quality. Skinny Cow brand just present you ice cream for hot days! It is the best way to feel cold while eating the ice cream and feel the melting ice cream in your mouth.  Have you ever tried the 4 traditional meat pies before? If not you better run and grab some. With four in twenty high quality product we are offering you special discounts. Four n twenty traditional pies 4 pack 700 gram just $ 6. For the summer days, and feeling the cold it is the best way eating ice cream. By Algida product we are offering our dear customers and guests by Cole’s quality. This week we present you the product of Algida fruttare mango smoothie just $ 5 each.

Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember while eating yourself calippo? This ice cream was the best one for my childhood. We were fighting to eat this. Ah ah years ago. Now we are offering to the new generation kids and mature sure. Calippo minis streets water ice 10 packs just $ 5 each.  And sure you should try the cones vanilla ice cream 4 pack 475 ml $ 3.70 each one.

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