Coles Kettle Chips Half-Price Deal From the Catalogue

Coles Kettle Chips Half-Price Deal From the Catalogue

You can shop for a new price range for the snack sale in the new Coles Catalogue this week. The deals will start on Wednesday. Prior to that, you might want to check out your shopping list and add your favourite things to it. Coles Kettle Chips half-price deal is one of the possible savings for everyone who loves to stock some snacks. Visit pg 18-19 for like-class deals and more snacks today. You can buy Kettle popcorn 80-110g pack for $1.60 with this deal. Subscribe to the email list for more deals like Coles Kettle Chips half-price or get the Coles Catalogues in your inbox.

Moreover, on the same page, you can browse some beverage deals that can come in handy in summer. Solo, Pepsi, water, and more packs of favourite brands of soft beverages are gonna be on sale, too. Furthermore, you have the half-price deals on more snacks like CC’s, Pringles, and more. Shop chocolates on pg 20. As Christmas is approaching the trend of chocolate bars and candy bags is one of the subjects in early December. This is a situation we come across every year.

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