Coles Lamb Deal From Grocery Catalogue 2 – 8 Oct 2019 | Grocery Sale

Spring lamb is a popular type of meat from the meat departments of the major supermarkets in Australia. These lambs are born in winter and they are obviously fed on the first fresh grass of the lands that are getting hotter as the Spring and Summer are approaching. Coles Lamb meat is perfect for grilling. Spring lambs are now a promotional product on the Coles Catalogue. My favourite BBQ food of all is the lamb cutlets. They are usually juicy and tender when grilled right. I think you will find 100% Aussie Spring lamb very interesting deal. Pay $13 per kg of the shoulder roast on the first page. Check out 4 more grilling party snacks and foods on the same page.

Mix ‘n match sale is another fine sale by Coles supermarket. If you don’t like cooking or grilling, seeing them as a waste of time, then I recommend you to see these packaged food ideas. Visit pg 2-3 for Singapore noodles 350g pack that will be sold for $6. Prepare lunch food with the products from pg 3. This catalogue is rich in snacks and beverage, too.

Coles Pantry and Breakfast Food

Buy some breakfast foods at half prices this week. Weet-Bix is the favourite of most customers. Also, multi-grain breakfast foods are good for you. Buy Weet-Bix for $4 at Coles supermarket this week. You can find accessories to fill it with your favourite drink or coffee. Coles sells some nice cheese variety and more dairy products on pg 10-11. Devondale dairy soft blend tub is gonna cost $4.50. Shop Heinz Beanz and Masterfoods items on pg 12-13.

Encounter 12 products that are half prices on pg 15. Coles Catalogue shows the new prices of Spam, John West, olive oil, and more pantry products. Lian Pho bo rice noodles bowl costs $1.25 at Coles supermarket this week.

½ prices only:

Save on Coffee, Cold and Dairy Foods, Deli Products at Coles

Explore a range of tea and coffee on this catalogue. Hard-working people appreciate coffee thanks its stimulant impact in the mornings. Once the caffeine kicks in you are usually ready to go if anything else doesn’t go wrong. Overconsumption of coffee may affect your tummy. Go easy on that and notice that Coles has got some really good deals Moccona. Save half on Ceylon tea this week. Free range eggs are always better than the regular stuff. Buy it for $4.20 at Coles this week. Chobani Fit yoghurt is gonna cost half.

You can make some dinner with peri-peri (Portuguese chicken) and potatoes. I always like the smoked chicken taste and BBQ does the job for me all the time. It’s available in the deli dept. for $12 everyday price at Coles.

Ice Cream, New Products, Frozen Food

Australian grown fresh fruits like grapes, pears, kiwifruit, mushrooms, and more are also available in the catalogue. Find ice cream deals and new flavours on pg 26. New products have been introduced on pg 27. You can stock up some frozen food such as cocktail spring rolls for the occasions when you have guests. Or simply make it game snacks. McCain, Lean Cuisine, Birds Eye products are available on pg 28-29.

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