Coles Little Shop 2 Minis 7 – 13 Aug 2019 | Half-Price Sale

Browse the latest Coles Catalogue for it has new participating items at half prices for you to get a free mini of Coles Little Shop 2. Minis are miniature figures of popular products like Chobani yogurt, Dynamo, Heinz Beanz, and also rare minis are available. There is also swap day for you if you have doubles. Coles National swap day will take place on August 17th. You can see the participating stores on the official page. Get iOs or Andriod Little Shop app to manage your minis. Simply scan your minis to play with that app. Some minis are the rare ones. Finding them will bring you extra goodness at Coles supermarket. For example, find gold trolley to earn a $100 Coles gift card. In addition, each week Coles gives 100 Coles Little Shop 2 collector’s case. It’s a limited edition case. Imagine the value of a completely filled collector’s case. They are so valuable right now and we can understand that from the line people formed when these minis were introduced first.
I have a little tip for you. If you want to find a rare mini, your chance is greater in crowded stores since they have bigger stocks of such products and bonus items. Coles has made a deal which is full of wonderful things for all its customers. You can win a Mini Car that is filled with Little Shop 2 Minis. Moreover, it’s also possible to win 5 million flybuys points with the gift card. Scan the QR code which is on the back of the Coles gift card mini. Enter your flybuys number. There are even more prizes and advantages of this Coles Little Shop mini deal.

Get More With Coles Catalogue 7 – 13 Aug

Use Coles Catalogue to see participating items at once. For example, even on the first page, you can find half-price items and you can earn a mini with your $30 purchase. These are already the essential products you would want to buy for the week.


Half-Price deals:

Limited Edition complete case chance:

Coles Catalogue Snacks Half-Price Sale 7 – 13 Aug

Find a half-price snack sale in this catalogue. If you like snacking around, probably there is a good chance for you to stock up some of your favourites. Coles half-price deals are available on pg 4-5 for a considerable amount of products. Continental, Wild Tides, Oreo Cookies, and more are available there. Essentials of your pantry are also half priced items this week.

Coles Drinks and Candies

Save on favourite beverage packs and candy bars at Coles starting on Wednesday. You can use the catalogue to reach a price range with some popular products like Cadbury dairy milk. I believe stocking up with bulky items will be a profitable trade when you shop for the whole week and Coles Catalogue 7 – 13 Aug is a fine source for discounts.