Coles Little Shop Minis Gift Card – Catalogue Sale 14 – 20 Aug 2019

Little Shop 2 minis are again one of the major things in the new Coles Catalogue. Win a limited edition complete case of Coles Little Shop 2 shopping participating items this week again. On the first page, some of these products are half-price deals. For example, buy Colgate advanced whitening, scan your flybuys card and get a chance to win that complete case. Like that, Dynamo, Leggo’s pasta sauce, Olay anti-aging cream are half-priced items on Coles Catalogue first page. Moreover, you can see Coles little shop minis gift card deal on the second page of the catalogue. A $100 gift card will be yours if you find the rare gold mini trolley. I previously explained how you can with that $100 gift card finding a rare gold mini trolley. You can download the app to scan your minis. More participating items to that Limited Edition complete case are available on pg 2-3.

Buy these products for a chance to win Coles Little Shop limited edition complete case:

Coles Snack Sale 14 – 20 Aug

Shop your favourite chips, chocolate bars, candies, crackers, mint candies, and more from the top brands like Doritos and Cadbury on Coles Catalogue. Moreover, buy some of them at half prices. For example, you can buy Doritos flavoured crackers of 160g pack for only $1.75 this week. The deals are starting to be valid on 14 Aug. All the things you see in the snack sale are on sale. You can discover new products or flavours in this part of the catalogue. This week’s new item is Coca Cola energy drink 4x250mL that will cost $4.80.

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