Coles New Year Sale 26 – 31 Dec 2019

Coles New Year Sale 26 - 31 Dec 2019Half-price deals of Christmas and New Year categories have been highlighted items in the recent supermarket catalogues. There are new half-price deals this week at Coles supermarket and they are being promoted on the new catalogue. Buy sunscreens for half on the first page. Nivea Sun triggers spray sunscreen will cost $10.50. New Year sale prepares you for a celebration with the fine food selection. With the Christmas’ traditional food and high-quality deli selection, you may handle preparing a great table for the whole family and friends. If you like to celebrate the new year, this is your great chance to save.  You can’t have a festive table without some good deli and meat products. If you prefer vegan food, you can also find options for your taste, too. Chicken kebabs, boneless lamb leg, prawns, platters, and more are also available in this range.

Shop mix and match sale on this catalogue. Shop quite a range of fresh food. Buy cucumber, tomato, decorated pavlova, and more products at lower prices on pg 8-9. If you are fond of multiple-buy discounts, you might want to see that mix ‘N match sale Brioche burger buns on pg 8. Shop water, chips, nuts, chocolate, ice tea, coke, sports drinks, and more products. Half-price and exclusive ones of Coles may also be good things for your budget.

Coles Pantry Sale, Breakfast Food, Fridge, and Cheese

Coles New Year Sale 26 - 31 Dec 2019Refill your fridge with some quality food for the ending of the year. This week, there are new deals including half prices, coffee, breakfast cereals, etc. on the new Coles Catalogue. Moccona classic freeze-dried 400g coffee will cost $14. Comparing to coffee prices these days, it’s a good deal.

½ prices:

You can also shop a decent product range from the cheese category. Find camembert brie, oval cheese, and other lovely lunch or breakfast deli products. People’s favourite dips, pizza, and frozen food are also on pg 22-23 where you can find Coles cheese deals.

Frozen Food and More Half Prices

Coles frozen food sales are usually what people like the best from these catalogues since they are quick, delicious, and cheap food ideas. They are not the best but sometimes they are lifesavers when you lack the time and experience for proper cooking.

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