Coles Online Catalogue Grocery Sale 28 Aug – 3 Sep 2019

Shop to get Little Shop 2 Minis from the latest Coles Catalogue. A large grocery and household sale contribute to the deal. On the first page, there are 4 products at half prices. Discover new products on the same page. Nescafe coffee sachets, Nestlé golden rough or Allen’s hot chocolate are a new item on the cover page. Father’s Day is approaching with a lot of customers who intend to do something special. A nice Sunday breakfast is the best idea to spend this day with the family and dad. Consider shopping in the aisle of Father’s Day breakfast from the Coles Catalogue to save more this week. Moreover, there is a Coles gift selection on pg 4. Bonds underwear and socks, gift cards, mugs, and more are available on that part. Coles Father’s Day specials are also the chocolate deals on pg 5.

Coles Fresh Produce, Meat, Deli

Buy cauliflower, avocados, pears, mandarins, and more products from the fresh produce range of Coles. Most products are Aussie items since their prices are usually fair in grocery stores like Coles. Taste a premium quality meat product from the deli dept. of Coles supermarket. Browse the category which also includes seafood products on pg 8-9. Save $3 per kg of Fresh Australian salmon skin on portions.

Fridge Products, Bakery, Pantry

I particularly recommend the apricot flavour of Dairy Farmers thick and creamy yoghurt. Find more yoghurt products on pg 10-11. Kombucha, Dare flavoured milk, Western Star spreadable, Coon tasty cheese slices, and more items seem to be nice deals in the dairy range. Coles online deals on products like Pitango, Flora Pro Activ, Primo sliced meat, and more are also in the fridge&seafood category. Pack your lunch with a great sandwich from the bakery category of the catalogue. More half prices in the fridge food range of Coles Catalogue.

Coles Pantry Products, Breakfast Cereals, Weet-Bix, And more

Heinz Beanz is a fantastic product and I eat it with a penne pesto pasta. It’s a very quick and delicious dinner. Just use cream, a little olive oil and add some pesto sauce. Mix it with your pasta. Enjoy it with some Heinz Beanz and some pickles. I recommend ice cold coke as a drink with these. You can find more canned goods like beef stew, Indian cooking sauce, and more on pg 19. Very practical foods and time-saving products are available in the Coles pantry sale. 4 products are half-price items on pg 21. Also, buy breakfast products and nutritional goods like Nutri-Grain in the breakfast category. Visit pg 22-23 for these products. Shopping with the knowledge of deals from these grocery catalogues would be a waste of money.

Half prices:

Half prices from breakfast range:

Coles also has deals on tea, coffee, frozen food, ice cream, frozen pizza, tv dinners, and Reese’s ice cream. Use this catalogue and discover these deals on pg 26&27. Collect as many Little Shop 2 Minis as you can. They are so much value right now. When they have firstly announced people created lines before the Coles stores. You can also subscribe for free to hear from the Coles online deals like these catalogues.

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