Coles Pantene Conditioner Deal | The Latest Catalogue

Shop personal care products on the latest Coles Catalogue. There are plenty of deals on personal care products including the ones that are made for your hair. Pantene is a top brand when it comes to such products. Shampoo, conditioner, and treatment will cost half this week. You can save $4.50 on 3-minute miracle ampoules treatment. I don’t know this product but I dislike the word miracle when it comes to a chemical compound, a product, or especially if it’s something related to health care. It’s just a meaningless word. Try and see the results for yourself. Coles also has more half-price deals other than Coles Pantene conditioner deal. Check out the half prices of shampoos and other hair products on pg 33.

View this catalogue to lower the cost of baby care products, too. Usual brands, classic products, and the essentials. All that you need to take care of little friends. Half prices can also be found on this part of the catalogue. Visit pg 34-35.

Feminine care products:

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