Coles Pascall Marshmallows Half-Price Sale

Coles Pascall Marshmallows Half-Price SaleBuy half-price snacks at Coles supermarket this week. One of the half-price deals of the Coles Catalogue is Pascall Marshmallows. You can cook marshmallows for your dessert ideas. Some people make chocolate and marshmallow sandwiches using two crackers. Pascall or Sour Patch bag 160g-350g will cost $2. Coles Pascall Marshmallows half-price sale is viewable on pg 18. Find chocolate bars and boxes of top brands. Everyone’s favourite chocolate; Ferrero Rocher is also on sale this week. Go easy on Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls. They can easily make you fat. Lindt Excellence or Lindor Black chocolate will cost only $3.

Also, check out the crispy side of the snacks sale. Chips are the best when you have a cold beverage watching a movie. Doritos, Smith’s, Thins potato chips are 2 for $5. So much so, Red Rock Deli have a special TV deluxe crisps. Half-price deal on that product. Gatorade, Lipton, Coca-Cola, and more beverages are also available for half prices. Deals on biscuits and more chocolates including products of Lindt may be viewed on pg 22-23.

½ prices:

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