Coles Pasta Catalogue 12 Jan 2016

COLES PASTA PRODUCTS ON SALE Coles Pasta Catalogue 12 Jan 2016

Cole’s great prices are always available but some products are special. For these special products Coles has another opportunity. Every day with everyday price you can buy that product in any time from our catalogue. If you like the corn chips it is coming with our Cole’s special discount offer. Mission original tortilla strips corn chips 230 gram just $ 1.50 ea. All prices just went down for our special guest and customers. Do not miss the try. If you want to do wrap your chicken or beef in tortillas this offer is coming especially for our dear guest and customers by Cole’s everyday specials catalogue. Mission burrito tortillas 12 pack 576 gram $ 1.99 each product of Mexico. If you like the Mexican foods so don’t miss these burrito tortillas.

If you like the pasta from Italy here comes with Coles everyday perfect special deals for you. Zafar Elli pasta 500 gram just $ 97 cent all prices just went down. And if you like some Asian foods we are offering you special quality genuine basmati rice from maharajah’s choice basmati rice 5 kg just $ 8.75. What about your pasta sauce. We did not forget. Continental standard pasta & sauce comes for you if you buy 2 it comes $ 3 for you.

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