Coles Peters Connoisseur Ice Cream Half-Price 1 – 7 Jan 2020

Coles Peters Connoisseur Ice Cream Half-Price 1 - 7 Jan 2020The first Coles Catalogue of the next year has been published. New half-price deals are available to browse today. View the half-price deals on Dove, John West tuna, and more. Coles Peters Connoisseur ice cream deal is also on the first page and the product will cost half starting on Wednesday. Explore new snack sales, too. Chips will cost only 2/$5 at Coles supermarket this week. Enjoy your summer days with some Mediterranean food and sauces like pesto, pasta, and Coles dip. Visit pg 7 for an entertaining food sale.

Seafood, Deli, Fresh Fruits, Meat and Meat-Free Products

Shop seafood and deli products on this Coles Catalogue. Enjoy your summer with creative ideas of dinner or lunch meals. With smoked salmon, you have a lot of alternatives to make for dinner. Coles sliced smoked salmon 75g will cost only $4.50. Anzac biscuits, Tip Top English muffins, bakery rolls, and similar items of the bakery category may also be interesting for regular shoppers of Coles. Visit pg 10-11 for fresh fruit variety including seasonal choices such as tomatoes, blue plums, broccoli, and more.

Coles Pantry Sale

Check out the prices of rice, olive oil, and other cooking material you need for the whole week. If you want to stock up some quality pantry products, this is the place to see some new deals by Coles. The catalogue of 1 – 7 Jan offers half prices, too. You can find practical and quick foods like noodles, too. With the proper pasta sauces, all you need is to remove the pasta from the boiling water at the correct time. Leggo’s pasta sauce will cost $2.

Don’t forget to check out all cereal deals, pancake shake, half-price deals, fridge food, dairy products including butter, and ice cream from this category. Coles also offers exclusive deals like KB’s salt and pepper squid.

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